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Who Are They and Where Are They Now?

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This online book makes use of Greek and Hebrew. In order to view this book as intended, you will need to be able to view these fonts. If your browser supports font embedding, or if the fonts used are already present on your system, the lines below should look like greek and hebrew, respectively:

ABCD abcd
ABCD abcd

If they do not appear as Greek or Hebrew, then you must download and install the fonts in order to view the Greek and Hebrew text correctly. This is not required, but will enhance the presentation.
Download Greek
Download Hebrew

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Setting the Stage

Chapter 2 - The Cast of Characters: The Biblical Jews

Chapter 3 - The Cast of Characters: Todays Jews

Chapter 4 - The Cast of Characters: Biblical Israelites

Chapter 5 - The Cast of Characters: Biblical Gentiles

Chapter 6 - The Prophets Bear Witness

Chapter 7 - Supporting Scriptural Evidence: Romans 11

Chapter 8 - Supporting Scriptural Evidence: Ephesians 2

Chapter 9 - Todays Gentile Israelites

Chapter 10 - Unmasking Todays Edomites: A Mystery Within a Mystery

Chapter 11 - Conclusion

Appendix 1 - Spiritual Israel: Out of All Nations or Out of the Nation of Israel?

Appendix 2 - Yahwehs Plan for Believing Non-Israelites

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