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James W. Bruggeman, Teacher, Pastor, Founder & Director of Stone Kingdom Ministries

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Who Are the Israelites Today?

The Jewish People?

The Church?

The Orientals?

The Blacks?

American Indians?

Certain Nationalities of the White Race?

None of the Above?

Discover the Bible’s Answer in -
God's Covenant People: Yesterday, Today and Forever
Reviewed by
James W. Bruggeman, Teaching Pastor, Founder & Director of Stone Kingdom Ministries

With the publication of his book, God's Covenant People: Yesterday, Today and Forever, Evangelist Ted R. Weiland has made a significant contribution to identifying true Israel in the world today. While there are available many excellent books from decades ago concerning this identification, for too many years there has been a dearth of exhaustive and comprehensive treatments of this rapidly spreading truth. Now, with the publishing of God's Covenant People this has changed.

Weiland's book is large (446 pages) and is copiously and meticulously documented. Not satisfied to merely quote sources second-hand, Weiland sought to verify sources first-hand to the extent possible. In doing so, he has produced a work which critics of the Christian Israel identity truth will find virtually unimpeachable - unless, of course, those critics are outright dishonest. But for the sincere seeker of the truth about Israel, the pivotal family-nation of the entire Bible, God's Covenant People provides a comprehensive compendium of biblical, historical, geographical and archaeological evidence. One of Weiland's greatest strengths is his ability to synthesize and narrow down this vast subject to a very precise, orderly and logical progression of proofs.

The reader finds that before any attempt is made to show who Israel is in the world today, Weiland first tackles the question of whether God is even concerned about or dealing with Israel today. With that firmly established solely from the Scriptures, he then totally demolishes the arguments made by some ministers and theologians that somehow God under the New Covenant has discarded the physical descendants of Israel. Rather, these theologians allege that God has transferred his attention now to some non-Israelite people, the "gentile" church and/or so-called "spiritual Israel."

Then, after having demonstrated that God is indeed still focusing on the literal descendants of Jacob-Israel, Weiland's next logical step is a chapter devoted to answering the question any intelligent reader would have at that point, namely: Are today's Jewish people really Israelites? Here is where some of the source documentation is invaluable. For the author not only shows the fallacy of that belief from Scripture, but he also amasses numerous, documented statements from noted Jewish authorities themselves who admit - and even boast among themselves - that they are not Israel. They admit they are imposters. They are in fact true Israel's ancient and sworn enemies. But they have claimed to be Israel for geopolitical purposes, and especially in order to keep true Israel from discovering their own Biblical identity. Many Jewish leaders realize such an awakening among true Israelites would spell the ruination of their plans for a one-world dictatorship, a.k.a., the New World Order.

Thoroughly debunking the possibility that today's Jews are the Israelites of Bible prophecy, Weiland then begins a sequential and detailed set of proofs to demonstrate just which modern-day people really are these Israel people. Not only does he show positively who they are, but he also shows who they are not. In other words, he shows that the biblical marks of Israel do not fit the Orientals, the Blacks, the Eskimos, the Arabs, etc. In seven chapters, Weiland marshals scripture upon scripture to prove conclusively that modern Israel cannot be any other than the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic, Scandinavian, and related white people (which includes other white nationalities too numerous to list here).

Within these seven chapters, the presentation follows a logical and precise progression of proofs. They include national aspects, geographical aspects and spiritual aspects - to repeat: all having been written in the Holy Writ and now drawn forth by Evangelist Weiland. Only after proving the case conclusively from Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone), does he offer other corroborating evidence from archaeology, history, etc. Finally, he devotes an entire chapter near the end of the book for the sake of the "dull of hearing" who after all that, may still respond: "So what? What difference does it make anyhow?" It is vitally important to properly identify the "players" in God's great drama of the ages and Weiland presents many of the reasons.

This is a book that answers a great need in the Christian community. After an initial reading, it should be on your desk or a nearby shelf for quick reference. You will surely want to share it with others, so here please allow me to offer you a word of caution: If you plan to share this eye-opening book with a person who is a non-church-going American who doesn't yet realize he's an Israelite, you might suggest he skip the first three chapters and start with chapter four. The reason is very simple: since he is not a Bible student, he could easily get lost in the systematic theological proofs set forth by Evangelist Weiland in those first three chapters. In other words, he might lose interest before he even gets to what he would consider "the good parts."

The first three chapters, however, are especially valuable for the Christian who already understands his Israelite identity. You will want to occasionally review these chapters in order to scripturally refute the typical Bible arguments of your Judeo-Christian friends.

Weiland does not shy away from tackling the toughest objections. He overcomes them with the brilliance of the Word of God properly expounded. But remember, for the Bible novice, these first three chapters might simply overwhelm him. This is not to detract from the book in any way, but is simply a caveat to say: know your audience and suggest a chapter four starting point, if necessary.

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