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Bible vs. Constitution Video Presentation
To listen to this presentation in its entirety (audio only), see T 904, T 905, T 906, and T 907 on our Broadcast Library page.

The Second Amendment: A Knife in a Gunfight Video Presentation

Where We Are At in the Battle Between the Bible and the Constitution: Radio Interview

U.S. Constitution Friend or Foe
by Evangelist Steven L Craft
To listen to this presentation in its entirety (audio only), click below:
US Constitution: Friend or Foe? by Evangelist Steven L. Craft

Are Christians Under Grace Alone or Under the Law? Which Law?
Ted R. Weiland interviewed by Sean Carron on Awakening Liberty Show

Bible Law vs Constitution and a Brief History of the Founders
Ted R. Weiland interviewed by Theodore Valentine on Layman's Bookstore

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An Open Response to Martin Selbrede and Archie Jones’ ‘Book Review’ of Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective

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If Romans 13 is About Secular Government, The Apostle Paul Contradicts Himself

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