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In the days of Nehemiah, Hananiah was given charge over Jerusalem: for he was a faithful man, and feared God above many. (Nehemiah 7:2)
The United States holds a presidential election every four years and a mid-term election every two years. How wonderfully different America would be if the president and all of those elected to serve this nation were required to meet the same criteria of faithfulness and the fear of Yahweh.

To demonstrate just how far removed the political climate in America is from what we find at the time of Nehemiah, consider the following poll results. Prior to the 1996 election, it was revealed that over 70% of those polled did not care about President Bill Clinton's morals or standards. Of greater importance to them was that President Clinton could empathize with the people. This is the antithesis to the reason why Hananiah was chosen to govern. Hananiah was appointed because he sympathized with God, whereas Bill Clinton was re-elected because he sympathized with the people.

Appointment vs. Election

The previous statement holds a second reason why this country has deteriorated politically: Hananiah was appointed not elected. Nowhere in either the Old or the New Testament can one find that elections were endorsed by God. Elections are not Yahweh's way; they are man's way.

When Kingdom law, that is, Yahweh's law, is restored, elections will cease. Furthermore there will be no juries. This may displease some patriots, but that is only because we are continually propagandized by anti-Christ Socialists and Christian Patriots alike that free elections and juries are the only rational, civilized and humanitarian way of doing it. PRECISELY! It is the humanitarian or the humanistic way of conducting government, not the theistic way. Think about it: Elections and juries place government policy and judicial determinations into the hands of a public that is subject to the ever-changing morals and whims of the people. This structure may work well for the nation whose morality is in concert with Yahweh's morality; but what about the majority of times when the morality of the two is not in concert?

Someone may counter: "Who wants to leave the appointment of government officials and judicial determinations in the hands of corrupt politicians?" No one does, unless you are one of those politicians. That is why Yahweh provided us in His Word with explicit qualifications for a man holding civil and/or religious leadership. That man must possess all of the following credentials and attributes. Among other things, he must be:

  1. A Christian.
  2. A fellow Israelite.1
  3. One who fears Yahweh.
  4. One who does not fear man.
  5. One who is schooled in the laws of Yahweh.
  6. One who has written out his own copy of Yahweh's law.
  7. One who daily reads Yahweh's law.
  8. One who scrupulously observes the laws of Yahweh in his own life.
  9. A man of truth.
  10. One who is just.
  11. One who is impartial in judgment.
  12. One who is unable to be bribed.
  13. One who is neither greedy nor covetous.
  14. One who is a terror to the wicked and a champion of the righteous.
Even if a man meets all of these qualifications, he still may not be a viable appointee because it is possible for his wife or children to disqualify him. He must also manage his own household well. In other words, he must be the head of his own home with a dignified, non-gossiping, sober, faithful wife and faithful, non-rebellious children -- Exodus 18:19-21; Deuteronomy 1:13-17; 17:15-19; 2 Chronicles 19:5-8; Romans 13:1-4; 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9.

These are the type of men (and yes, one had to be a man) whom Yahweh has directed us to appoint as leaders. If a candidate does not meet these qualifications, he is not to be appointed. In fact, the same qualifications must be met by anyone responsible for an appointment, which was usually by the hands of a religious leader such as Samuel who appointed Saul and David. Think about it: With such men, why would we need elections? Elections are only for choosing the lesser of two evils or the evil of two lessers.

The cut of men possessing these qualities are the class of men described by the Apostle Paul in Romans 13 -- "minister[s] of God to thee for good." 2 However, this is hardly a term that fits most politicians today.

It is time that we understand that anything short of Yahweh's standard as established in His laws is spiritually and politically left, liberal and ungodly. Therefore, as Christians ours is not to elect any candidate of any political party. Instead, it should be our aim to reestablish Yahweh's judicial system and appoint men who fear God and who will enforce His laws.

Accessories to Their Crimes

We deserve what we get when we set the standards and elect those who rule over us. It reminds me of the mid-west pastor who, during his sermon, had been discussing the lion and the lamb living together in peace. A circus man in the congregation argued that the arrangement could not possibly work. "Well," said the preacher, "why don't we try it? You bring a lion and I will ask someone in my congregation to bring in a lamb." The circus man brought a lion in a cage, placed the cage on the church lawn and left town before the farmer arrived with the lamb. When he returned three weeks later, sure enough, the lion and lamb were lying down together in peace. "Well," said the pastor, "it works fine, but we do have to replace the lamb once in awhile." The moral of this story is do not complain and grumble if one of the lions/tyrants that you elect devours a few sheep along the way!

When the next election rolls around we should understand that we deserve whom we elect. Of even greater consequence, when we assist in electing immoral, illicit and ungodly men or women into office, we become accomplices to their crimes. The Apostle Paul warned Timothy: "Do not lay hands upon [in modern America's case, elect] anyone too hastily and thus share responsibility for the sins of others." (1 Timothy 5:22, NASV)

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1. God's Covenant People: Yesterday, Today and Forever, by Ted R. Weiland, provides a documented dissertation regarding the identity of Israel with today's Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred peoples. To obtain a copy, write Mission to Israel Ministries, PO Box 248, Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69363. Suggested donation: $14.00.

2. For an expository explanation of Romans 13:1-7, Christian Duty Under Corrupt Government, A Revolutionary Commentary on Romans 13:1-7, by Ted R. Weiland, can be ordered from Mission to Israel Ministries, PO Box 248, Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69363. An $7.00 donation is suggested.

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